Meet the local rewilding team members

February 11, 2013

In each of the five rewilding areas, there are teams that are actively working to make their area into one of the inspiring rewilding examples in the Rewilding Europe portfolio. The leaders of these five teams and their short biographies are found on our website.

All team leaders work with small, dedicated teams of 2-3 people who are doing the day-to-day work, some of them full-time, some part-time. On our website, you can now find pictures, names and positions of nearly all the local rewilding team members:

Their work is on the three main components of our initiative: rewilding, enterprise development and communication. Apart from the team leader, each team has a “rewilding officer” on the ground, who works in the field and keeps the contacts with landowners, protected area managers, local entrepreneurs, the hunting community, local authorities and the local communities. The rewilding officers are based in the rewilding areas themselves, or very close by, and have very good local networks and contacts. Also, each of the rewilding teams has a communications officer, who looks after the day-to-day communication and outreach, local media and press. They mainly work from the “home office” of the contract partner, but go out a lot. The teams do not yet have (or only limited) enterprise capacity, but this is planned for 2013.

Of course all the teams are supported by financial and administration people in their “home offices”. All team members report to their team leaders, who oversee the overall development or the rewilding areas, including planning, strategy and reporting to the Rewilding Europe central team.

The Rewilding Europe central team, working from various countries in Europe, provides a lot of strategic and technical support to the rewilding teams in the areas, with a strong focus on overall strategy and planning, rewilding, enterprise development and communication. This is done through day-to-day contacts, regular skype calls, project visits, trainings, seminars and exchanges.

In total, Rewilding Europe’s team – both central team and rewilding areas teams – now involves some 30 different people (excluding Supervisory Board and Special Advisors), working from 13 different European countries. The majority of the people work part-time and most of the capacity (>60%) is in the rewilding teams. All teams have now been working for one year (some a bit longer) on developing their rewilding areas.

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