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Work with us


Currently there are no vacancies.


We have experienced that there is a lot of interest coming from students regarding topics that Rewilding Europe is addressing within its initiative. Rewilding Europe wants to provide students with the opportunity to dedicate their study to such topics, in a way that both the students can learn and gain experience and that Rewilding Europe can make good use of the results of their work.

Students of vocational and higher education are regularly interested in doing an internship on various rewilding topics. In these areas, Rewilding Europe cooperates closely with partners within the European Rewilding Network. Please note, that as many projects involve field work in remote areas, availability of at least 4 months is a pre-condition. Those interested are advised to sign up for the Rewilding Europe’s Newsletter, follow our Facebook page or keep an eye on this webpage section as all internship and volunteering opportunities will be regularly advertised.

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