Introduction to rewilding

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Introduction to rewilding

An introduction to the concept of rewilding in our new two-staged training

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For who is this training?

Introduction to Rewilding focuses on upskilling everyone that has an interest in rewilding. Set up by Rewilding Europe, the programme aims to inform, educate and inspire those who are seeking a different approach to nature conservation, climate change and want to learn more about the principles of rewilding.

Whether you’re a student, young professional, entrepreneur, conservationist or nature lover, our Introduction to Rewilding course teaches you how to incorporate a rewilding mindset and rewilding principles into your work and life.


A unique opportunity

The one-of-a-kind Introduction to Rewilding training offers you a unique opportunity to learn from rewilding experts in European rewilding areas. In addition, the training offers you the opportunity to meet and share experiences with like-minded peopl, who you can stay in touch with after the course ends.

The Introduction to Rewilding programme is comprised of two separate stages, providing comprehensive rewilding knowledge and examples as well as incorporating Rewilding Europe’s best practices and learnings.

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Introduction to Rewilding Training Stages 2022


Stage 1

online rewilding training on laptop

Online training and selection

A series of three webinar training presentations for all candidates, including an introduction to rewilding, rewilding models & principles, natural grazing, community engagement, and nature-based economies.

Stage 2

rewilding field excursion

Field training

A two-day field training programme for a maximum of 15 participants. Bringing people together to learn and train in different environments across rewilding areas. 


Download the brochure for more information about dates, locations and prices of the different training stages in 2022:


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Next Introduction to Rewilding intake

Dietmar Nill / Wild Wonders of Europe

Registration for June 2022

In June 2022 we will start with a new webinar series. We invite all those who are interested to get in touch soon by sending an email to

The webinars in June will run weekly on Wednesdays from 10.00 to 12.00 CET, starting on the 15th of June.

The Stage 1 webinars will be presented by Simon Collier and several rewilding specialists from Rewilding Europe.

Peter Cairns


June 2022 Intake: €160,- per person (excl VAT). VAT is automatically added at checkout.

This includes three webinars, an online assessment and access to a virtual community of rewilding professionals.

Those who pass will receive an Introduction to Rewilding Training certificate and can elect to move on to the Stage 2 Field Training or even diversify further into a speciality training, like the Rewilding Training Tourism.

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To register for the June 2022 webinar series (stage 1 of the training), please register and pay via the link below. You will immediately get access to our training platform and community.


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