The improvement of conservation status for European bison in Vanatori Neamt Nature Park

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    Vanatori Neamt, Romania
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    Natural Park

The initiative of reintroduction of European bison (Bison bonasus L., 1758) in this part of Romania is implemented by the Vanatori Neamt Nature Park Administration (VNNP). The scope is the improvement of the status of the European bison species through establishing a viable bison herd in this part of the Romanian Carpathians.

European bison in Vanatori Neamt, Romania


  • Habitat types: E. bison was released in Cracau valley: Around 5,400 ha forest from which 2,700 ha covered by mixed resinous-beech stands with mull flora, 600 ha with fir stands with mull flora, 900 ha beech stands with mull flora, 500 ha with mountain beech stands with Rubus hirtus. The quality of these stands is superior; half of them are older than 100 years. Around 1,400 ha of pasturelands, most of them Festuco rubrae-Agrositetum capillari.
  • Fauna (mega) species present: brown bear, wolf, lynx, red deer, roe deer
  • Fauna species reintroduced: European bison


  • Description: The reintroduction of Europe's largest land mammal represents one of the challenging tasks in the conservation of biodiversity. With respect to bison conservation, the first results for Romania were achieved since 2005: quarantaine farm for European bison, first tranquilizations, genetic tests, first bison imports on genetic basis from Western Europe, training for the staff involved, the establishment of a "Bison Management Centre" (acclimatization enclosure of 180 ha, feeders, 20 bison).
  • Aim: To contribute to the conservation of this endangered species. The project aims are valuing the European bison reintroduction program, to support sustainable development and strengthening civil society development in the area.
  • Vision: The project to restore E. bison in Romania ( represents an important step towards the existence of a viable E. bison population in freedom in the Carpathians Chain.
  • Results so far: Two groups of European bison were released in freedom; 5 animals in 2012 and 5 animals in the Spring of 2013.
  • Flagship species: Bison
  • Other characteristics: Community involved, Eco tourism, Education, Recreational activities, Research


  • Inspirational value: Our intention regarding the European bison reintroduction is not only to re-establish a keystone species in the ecological sense but also in a spiritual & cultural sense, being convinced that emphasizing the cultural and spiritual accents of an endangered species represent a necessary step in our attempt to protect the wildlife.
  • Experience you would like to share: Breeding, veterinary, genetic aspects, public awareness and ecological education issues
  • Experience you would like to gain: Breeding, veterinary, genetic aspects, public awareness and ecological education issues


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