Dam Removal Expert in Sweden

The objective of this consultancy is to create a business plan for a new Swedish company, the mission of which is to remove as many dams as soon as possible in Sweden.

During the initial three-month contract period the expert will work in collaboration with Rewilding Europe, Älvräddarna and their partners to identify priority dams, determine a preferred business structure, investigate the possibilities of working with the Hydropower Environmental Fund and the Nationell Prövningsplan, and determine the scale of finances required to start removing dams in Sweden. Ideally, the expert will continue to be involved in the business beyond the initial three-month contract, either directly or as an adviser.

Those interested in this consultancy, and who think they have the requisite attributes, are invited to download the full Terms of Reference.

Magnus Lundgren / Rewilding Europe

Wetland restoration officer

Rewilding Europe is seeking a Wetland Restoration Officer (0.8 FTE) to boost wetland restoration in the Danube Delta rewilding area. The successful applicant will work with a wide range of stakeholders to lobby for, plan, develop and implement impactful wetland restoration projects.

The wetland restoration officer will contribute to the delivery of an ambitious and wide-reaching vision, help to develop innovative strategy, collaborate closely with talented co-workers, and deliver tangible conservation results in the cross-border Danube Delta area.

Those interested in this position, and who think they have the requisite attributes, are invited to download the full job description.

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