Rewilding Europe

How can you support Rewilding Europe?

To reach its full potential, Rewilding Europe is looking for partnerships with conservation organizations, public or private institutions, foundations, companies and private individuals to help us make Europe a wilder place. We welcome contributions of all kinds – pro-bono work, joint PR and marketing efforts, financial investment in conservation enterprises, donations, grants, media coverage, presentation possibilities at conferences and seminars, land donations, practical services, sponsorships and business partnerships.

Maybe you yourself or your organization or company would be interested? If you have the desire to make a difference for wildlife and wilderness in Europe, we would really like to talk to you about it. Rewilding Europe can offer many different possibilities, including becoming personally involved in a project, if you would like to. Here are some options:

Become a strategic partner

Organizations, public or private institutions, foundations, companies and private individuals which have the ability and desire to make a substantial and long-term impact on a wilder Europe, are invited to become a strategic partner. Strategic partners believe in our approach and their contributions have a substantial and long-lasting impact on the success of Rewilding Europe. Funding contributions from strategic partners typically exceed € 100,000 per year.

Become a major donor

Major donors to Rewilding Europe are individuals, foundations or NGOs who have the means to engage with us at a substantial level.  Funding contributions start from € 25,000 a year, and make a substantial difference to one of our projects, or our portfolio in general, or a specific activity or component of Rewilding Europe.

Become a donor

These are primarily corporate entities and individuals who are prepared to donate € 2,500 or more on an annual basis to our conservation work, typically focused on (activities in) one of our projects.

Invest in Conservation-based business

Rewilding Europe is supporting the development of conservation-based businesses across our project areas and beyond.  We are identifying relevant local entrepreneurs and businesses and welcome any opportunity to introduce them to environmentally minded investors or potential business partners.  We are also in the process of designing an invest fund, which will allow private individuals, companies and environmentally minded investors to invest in a wide range of conservation-based businesses across our project areas and indeed across Europe. If you are interested in these opportunities, we invite you to contact us for more details.

Contribute to the European Wildlife Bank

Rewilding Europe is setting up a European Wildlife Bank, to boost the numbers of wildlife in the rewilding areas, in particular large herbivores such as red deer, European bison, wild horses and wild bovines. This is a very innovative mechanism which has been proven to work already at national levels and will now be scaled up to the European level.

What can Rewilding Europe offer you?

  • As a supporter of Rewilding Europe, you are invited to visit any of the rewilding projects and we would be delighted to show you the conservation work done on the ground.
  • Depending on your level of contribution, you will also be invited to participate in exciting conservation activities, such as the translocation of animals, research work or European wildlife and wilderness safaris (as of 2013).
  • As a strategic partner, you will be invited to an annual gathering of like-minded individuals where we will provide you with insights into conservation issues across Europe.
  • We will offer individuals or companies who make a significant contribution, the opportunity to join us in a private tented camp in one of our project areas as of 2013.
  • Regular updates on progress from the rewilding projects and invitations to Rewilding Europe activities.

Donation details

You can choose to donate through the tax efficient funding structures which have been set up for Rewilding Europe in the Netherlands, a not-for-profit foundation.

For further information on donations to Rewilding Europe, you are welcome to contact us. We will do everything we can to match your support with your ideas and desires.