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Seven bison released in Bornholm island, Denmark

Bornholm island in Denmark welcomed seven bison from Poland in the beginning of June. One male and six females where brought to the island by ferry. The animals will live in a 200 ha fence for five years, then a decision is made whether to let them roam freely.

"We need to see how they deal with people walking around and in cars, and see if they do help the environment," project manager Tommy Hansen told BBC News.

The animals will help to preserve the island's meadows by eating the bark of young trees. This, in turn, will help other species thrive. There is a 10 cm gap between the fence and the ground to allow smaller animals to pass freely.

Hopes are high for tourism as well. "I hope these big animals will assist in creating economic growth and jobs on Bornholm," said Ida Auken, Danish Minister of Environment.

More information can be found here (in Danish), including a map of the area.

11 June 2012

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