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The Tauros Programme causes a traffic jam in the Velebit mountains

9 April 2014 Posted by Ronald Goderie on 9 April 2014 – The cowboy profession has changed dramatically. I consider myself as a modern one. I live in the city and I am now travelling by train, plane and car from the Netherlands to Croatia. On the train, the women next to me proudly show their new bags to each other. The brand is called ‘Cowboys bags’.

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Dung beetles can tell us a lot about the natural history of Europe

3 April 2014 Posted by Magnus Sylvén on 3 April 2014 – Was Europe once dominated by closed-canopy forests, or instead rather by a mosaic landscape with a mixture of open and wooded areas, shaped by large numbers of wild large herbivores? This has long been debated but a recent study of beetle fossils in Great Britain, indicates that both opinions are probably right.

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The first Iberian imperial eagle for many years seen in Campanarios

31 March 2014 Posted by Benigno Varillas on 31 March 2014 – A subadult Iberian imperial eagle (Aquila adalberti) visited the Campanarios de Azaba Biological Reserve on March 14. This was the first time in many years this happened and a landmark wildlife comeback event for the Western Iberia rewilding area, in which Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre (FNYH) works as partner of Rewilding Europe.

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Guslice and Melnice: developing a business in a rewilding area

25 March 2014 Posted by Ines Žarković on 25 March 2014 – Many people in Velebit are curious about why our family is so passionate about beekeeping and why we want to make our family honey business professional full time jobs. Like for many other entrepreneurs, the answer for us is simple.

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Rewilding across the European borders

12 March 2014 Posted by Deli Saavedra on 12 March 2014 – Traveling across the USA you can stop to have a hamburger and a coke (or pepsi), then drive 1000 km and stop to eat a hamburger very similar to the above in a town very similar to the previous one. However, if you drive 1000 km across old Europe, you will probably cross 3–4 country borders, pass 4–5 language zones, 7–8 architectural styles, a couple of religions and...

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"Today’s job" in Armenis village, Southern Carpathians, Romania

4 March 2014 Posted by Anca Georgescu on 5 March 2014 – We’ll drop either the roll up banners, the projector or the bags. We’re at the door, cannot go back, cannot go in. A long line of kids, hand-in-hand two and two, are leaving the cultural center. It’s a rehearsal day, they finished now and the tutor asks each one of them who’s waiting for them.

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Rewilding entrepreneurs – people making a living from wild nature

25 February 2014 Posted by Neil Birnie on 25 February 2014 – The enterprise component of Rewilding Europe is all about the people we are working with to create rewilding enterprises in our rewilding areas. In order for rewilding to succeed, it has to bring benefits for the people who live in those areas. If local people feel the benefits this pleases politicians – and this means a more favourable political climate for rewilding.

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Danube’s rare giants – the sturgeons

18 February 2014 Posted by Magnus Lundgren, Wild Wonders of Europe on 18 February 2014 – During my pre-mission research I realised that the chance of meeting a sturgeon in the delta was close to zero. Unfortunately. So I took the chance to dive with the sturgeons at the Danube Delta Eco-Tourism Museum Centre in Tulcea before setting out in the delta. They have a special sturgeon aquarium including the largest and most sought-after species of them all, the great beluga.

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With freedom to roam – meeting the hairy beasts of Drawsko

13 February 2014 Posted by Staffan Widstrand on 13 February 2014 – A big herd of dozens of bison suddenly crosses the forest track ahead of us at full speed. A second or two later the large animals are already gone, impressingly fast and agile as they are.

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