Brown bear

Local situation

Although the region already hosts a rich variety of wildlife species (wolf, Eurasian lynx, brown bear, red deer, roe deer, chamois, etc.) the ongoing, large-scale abandonment of traditional farmland has created an urgent need to re-introduce the lost wild-living species that can maintain the diversity of these landscapes rich in animal and plant species. Therefore, the vision for the area would also include having herds of wild bovines, horses, European bison and red deer once again shaping the vegetation. This, in turn, will provide the basis for bringing back lost species such as the griffon vulture. The European beaver also had an old home in the mountain rivers – although it has been locally extinct for centuries.

With the conservation measures and the ‘rewilding’ of the region, new economic opportunities will arise. In combination with some of the world’s most famous caves, spectacular sceneries (like the Danube Iron Gate), and a famous Roman health resort (Baile Herculane), the region has the potential to become a first class destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. Right now, it is an almost ‘forgotten’ corner of Romania.